W e have often said “If I only knew what I know today”, well, in the case of pensions you don’t need to know more than what you can see to foresee the future.

According to the European Commission report, in the next decade the gap between work and retirement income of the Portuguese will reveal that pensioners will have to live with half of their salary. This report shows well the sustainability of the national pension systems and clearly translates that the replacement rate (between the last salary and retirement) in 2040 will fall to 54.5% – and in 2045 it will be less than half (48.2%).

From the outset, there are two fundamental ideas to retain about the future of your pension: it will be smaller and insufficient to replace your current income. It is therefore decisive that you make a plan to complement what will happen in the future and thus be able to ensure that your income will not suffer such a drastic cut.

To constitute a gradual saving, it is enough to choose a plan and to program monthly reinforcements according to the percentage of saving that is comfortable for you. This small piggy bank acquires another dimension when at the end of time it manages to combine the accumulation effect with that of capitalisation and tax efficiency.

It is this effect that you can see portrayed in the annual study conducted by HSBC (The future of retirement survey – HSBC Insurance Holdings Limited London) where the universe of people who during their working life had a plan reached retirement age with more than double the available capital (+245%).

Don’t put off any longer the plan that can decide the quality of your future.

How to transfer your current PPR to the BIZ

Transferring a savings plan is simple and can always be carried out regardless of whether the destination plan has different characteristics to the one you currently have (whether your plan is in the form of insurance or a fund):

Here are the steps and start transferring your savings to the BIZ Europa PPR Fund today:

Make the transfer request with the 2 entities: the home one where the plan currently is and BIZ Capital.
BIZ Capital will provide you with the necessary documentation to formalise the subscription of the plan with the characteristics that you want. You can use this date to change the type and amount of reinforcements.
The originator will transfer the value of the PPR to BIZ Capital within a maximum of 10 working days. When the transferring entity transfers the value, it takes care to communicate the value of the payments made, the dates of effect and the accumulated income, thus ensuring that the plan carries all the history since its inception. They also send you a written indication of the total amount transferred less the transfer commission (if applicable).

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